Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Plan B, His Plan A

It's been a while and no, I haven't fallen off the bandwagon, but have really been needing some time to get some things in order. I have been a tad hesitant about writing since I have had nothing visual to go along with my creative/artistic ventures. As I stated before, I believe I will write anyway; therefore we have this entry.

As I sat and spoke to a friend a while ago about some of my insecurities and woes of life, it became clear to me that my plan B may have been God's plan A all along. It's funny sometimes how we plan, set up shop, re-vamp the plan, re-vamp the shop that we set up, and the cycles go on and on, only to find out that plan B is so much simpler and conducive to who we are than plan A in the first place. The plan that made us sweat and toil day and night, cry hours on end, and sometimes compromise our identity was never meant to be so.

His plan A has been here all along. My ticket to freedom. However, although that free ticket is available for me to take a hassle free ride, I have been hesitant about getting on. One foot on the train, the other foot on the platform. The foot on the train realizes that I must make a move.

The foot on the train realizes that I must make a move. I have been created for a time such as this. To carry out that which GOD has gifted me with. If I don't jump on board, I will be left behind trying to find ways to pick up the pieces.

The foot on the platform questions the moves that I am making. "Are you thinking in an orderly fashion?" "Have you thought about consulting this one and that one before taking this leap?" "Do you really think that you are equipped to make this journey?" "Is this the right time? Maybe you should wait to make sure." If I jump on board, I may have left the station before the cargo has been loaded.

So with that being said, I am vowing to put all anxieties aside and hop on the train. I am ready to take the lead of my Master and go with His plan B, which ultimately becomes my plan A.

On the Art Front

Jewelry: December proved to be a great month for jewelry sales. I am assuming due to the Christmas season. Although I have not had the opportunity to make much jewelry, the store where I am selling items would like me to continue to sell items in their store. I will hopefully be replenishing their stash within the next 2 weeks or so.

Buddy (my camera): Buddy has not been used in a while. I need to take him out to do some product shots. While in school I made a new friend that I coincidentally went to the same high school as I did. He graduated a couple years after I did, but has a great eye for photography. We have not had the opportunity to shoot together yet, but will do so in the near future.

Button Series: I have gotten rave reviews on my button pieces. I completed yet another piece within the last month, and am working on how I would like it to be framed. I have one more that I want to do to complete this series.

Paintings/Other mediums: I have been blessed to have been introduced to many different art circles within the last couple of months. My mother has an associate who she has put me in contact with. This associate has gallery space available for free, and my fellow artists know how much of a jewel that is! So, I will be taking her up on her offer in the very (and I do mean very) near future. My former boss also would like for me to have a show in their work space. Therefore people, I have no excuse not to show and sell work. I will do it!
Other Adventures

Massage Therapy: I now can put the letters CMT (certified Massage Therapist) after my name. Although I was concerned about how well I would do, I graduated with honors and perfect attendance. It is just a pleasure to know that I am able to offer others relaxation, and comforts to their physical ailments. I am toying around with a couple of different names for my upcoming massage therapy business. I am up for suggestions!