Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Parisian Themed Mural Part II

Thought For The Day:
Yesterday I had an epiphany. I was, and have been spending way too much time thinking about things that simply don't matter or have anything to do with me. I've been wasting what I like to call....brain time!

I spend an immense amount of time daydreaming about the things that are not immediately before me. Don't get me wrong, dreaming within itself is not a bad thing. In order to write the vision, you have to have one first. So, I don't knock daydreaming. It is the obsessive daydreaming that steals precious time from making each moment count in the now that is harmful.

For those that know me, I am sensitive with a compassionate heart. I will take someones problem on as my own in a minute in the name of encouraging, helping or championing them. In the end, it is just serves as an enabler.

I thought about all of this a lot. And I thought about what mind frame has gotten me the furthest. I have to say, it hasn't been the above. It's been the ability to turn the problems of others (and even my own) over to the One that can really do something about it. I realize that's not in my job description. As a matter of fact, the objective of my resume is to stay in my lane!

So folks, I am working on staying in my lane. That means that I am willing to keep the above mentioned things in check and

On My Work Desk:

The Parisian themed mural for baby Gabriella is done! My work day yesterday was long, but it didn't feel like work. As I posted on FB, it never does when you are doing what you love and purposed to do!

It was a pleasure to do this for yet another family, and I am so sure that this is the start of something wonderful!

Don't forget to check out Gabriella's mom, Danielle on her blog at: What's Buzzin? We're Building a Savoy with Ryan Homes! She has been updating regularly!

Corner of Gratitude:
The simplicity of life

Pearls of Wisdom:
"Time is what we want most, but use worst."
~ William Penn

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