Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Motion

It amazes me how time flies. It seems as it has been about two days since I have last blogged, however clearly it has been about 2 weeks. 

Nonetheless, I have been busy, busy, busy. This go round...this blog entry, there is nothing super duper deep (as I can tend to get here), but just some pics of the works that have me on the grind. 

Last entry I talked about how ignorant I have been to the history of the art community, and its greats in the past. As an attempt to correct some of my destructive behavior, I have been doing a bit of studying of some of the artists work that I like. 

The first is Georgia O'Keefe. I have always admired the way that she portrayed flowers and fruit. Her work always has an organic, yet sensual feel that pulls you in to wonder where her thought process was at the moment. In my research I learned that although it was Georgia who created the artistic work, it was Alfred Stieglitz who made her well known to the art community.  The art world deems to be no different than the world of other professions. Sometimes it is not about your work and how well you do your work, but about the people that you know or those that know you. 

Bottom line...her life was fascinating to me and more in depth than I will get into here. 

As a start to a new venture of this great motion that has been started in learning more about art history I have started a new series called "Pieces Of". They are studies of an artists work that I happen to like, and perhaps some that I am not too fond of.  The first is "Pieces of O'Keefe". 

These past few weeks have been busy and in addition to painting, I have been doing a lot more sketching, bedazzling and making clothing. I really use whatever medium I need to get my point across. I do what I feel, and this is all a part of this creative journey that I am on. 

Sketches & Bedazzling: I don't know what got into me!

T-Shirt Dresses: Thanks to my creative cohort Khia! She gave me the instruction and inspiration on these tees. We are gonna do big things together!

I thought my UArts folks would love this one! I managed to make a dress out of old UArts orientation tees. I almost think that this is my fav of the those that I have made thus far. 


Everyone needs a black number in their repetoire

These Goodwill tees turned into a fun, printed number.


As you can see, I am a tad addicted to making these...LOL!


There you have it for this post folks! I will be posting again soon!

Pearls of Wisdom:
GOD will finish the good work that HE started in you!

Be blessed!