Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some Kisses From Luscious Lips!

XXmuahXX is coming along nicely. It's debut pic is posted below, and I have worked on it since, so it is ever evolving.

So, I have changed it's scope a bit and have another question for the reading audience:

What does the perfect kiss feel like to you?

I am hoping that this will draw more of a descriptive response.

The Art Front
I finished the wedding pics that I spoke of in previous posts. I created a DVD, and am extremely pleased with the outcome. It was a rather long video, so posting it here is not an option. An opportunity to shoot another wedding has presented itself from this wedding.

Aside from my own paintings, I have been asked by a friend of the family to paint a mural on a room wall. Word of mouth advertisement has proven to be very kind to me. This friend of the family has passed the word on and I now have yet another gig.

My sister has been talking me up to some shops in Delaware. It looks like I may be in another store in this area soon.

All in all folks, I am thankful to the man above that things are on the up and up. I am holding the many balls that I am juggling fairly well, and must say that I am loving it.

Words of Wisdom
Management means, in the last analysis, the substitution of thought for brawn and muscle, of knowledge for folkways and superstition, and of cooperation for force. It means the substitution of responsibility for obedience to rank, and of authority of performance for the authority of rank.
~Peter Drucker

Be Blessed!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it for Sale?

I have to say that I have been extremely blessed. So much so that it is beyond measure and certainly more than I have ever thought or could have imagined. My creativity is speaking for itself and taking flight all on its own.

The mini photo shoot that I had about 2 weeks ago for a 40th renewing of vows ceremony, went well. I have posted a few pics to the side. I took over 300 or so shots. I managed to edit them, and plan to send them off the their perspective home over the weekend.

XXmuahXX is well underway. I plan to have it done within the next couple of weeks...meaning two weeks. It's not as large as some of the other pieces that I have shown, but nonetheless very interesting. I will post progression pictures in the near future

So, the question has been, "Are my pieces in the market to be sold?" The answer to that question at the moment would be...yes and no. The pieces that I have been posting for your viewing pleasure and feedback are not on sale at the moment. I am in the process of getting my pieces in some galleries and need to make sure that my portfolio is forever building. However, there are a few (and I do mean a few) at the moment that are in the market to be sold outside of the body of work that I am currently working on. They are not really anything like what I have been working on, but if I may toot my own horn...fabulous just the same. LOL! Of course I will be posting the galleries where my art is being displayed. If it is in a city near you and you feel inclined to purchase a piece, that would be great!

Pearls of Wisdom:
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.... It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.
~Melodie Beattie

Be Blessed!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have finished the button piece that I was working on and ventured onto yet another piece. Interesting it is to say the least and has been on my mind since I have been in that loving kind of mood.

The title is XXmuahXX. Its birth started perhaps a few weeks ago as I sat and spoke to my mother about kisses. I rambled on and on about the good ones, the bad ones, the missed ones, so forth and so on. I simply explained just how much I desired to be kissed.

It strikes me as strange that at a young age I looked at kissing as just that…kissing. It felt wonderful as my young hormones raged. However, in my aging and as Lovebabz would say, coming into my “grown woman”, I have grown to seek kisses for different reasons. I have grown to understand that a kiss is not simply just a kiss….as the song goes. It’s much more. It denotes so much: friendship, love, care, honesty, etc.

Kisses act as a sort of binding contract, and at times serve as a sign of betrayal. They normally take place at the beginning and the end of interacting with another individual. You kiss a family member or friend when you first come into their presence and then before you leave. A kiss between lovers is shared during the beginning of the courtship phase and often at the end of the courtship (mostly if ended amicably). Lovers kiss to engage and end a particular act of sexual intimacy.

Kisses can be simple and complicated all at the same time. They can be sweet, but bitter. They can be loving, yet unforgiving. They can be passionate, yet mean nothing. They can be innocent, but mean the world. They can be passive, yet aggressive. They can be fearful, but exhilarating. They have the ability to make you smile and cry all at the same time.

Simply put…lips are wonderful body parts that God has made, and kisses are simple nuggets of joy that can be shared with others through them. So, XXmuahXX is a homage to all of the fabulous kinds of kisses.

Have you given a kiss or been kissed lately?
Where did it take place?
Where was the kiss placed?
What type of kiss was it?
What was your experience?

*As many of you know, I combine my writing with my pieces. I would love to gain feedback in order to place some of it in my piece. If you would like to forward this on to others, that would be great. The more the merrier. There is a possibility that it may or may not be used. Thanks you so much!

Be Blessed!