Monday, May 11, 2009

In The Studio

Last week was an extremely productive week. I was able to set aside my previous hang ups about getting into the studio and literally attack my work head on.

While at the last Joose meeting (last week's Wednesday Whoop) I realized that there may have been several things keeping me out of the studio. One being the clutter in parts of my studio, two not having my own space, but the biggest speed bump of them all being my frame of thought. My frame of mind about my work, and warped feeling about my studio.

It almost felt like my enemy...the space that was holding up my creative process. When I got there, nothing would come, and I do mean nothing. No, let's get back to before I got to the space. How about it was hard for me to even get to the space.

So, I took the advice of some of my fellow artist friends. They had some good pointers. I just needed to be in the space. In fact, that may have been the very thing that was holding me back. Not doing! Who would have thought that not doing is what was causing me so much heartache and lack of creativity?

As a result of our conversation, the studio and I have been constant companions in the last few weeks. I now love the feeling I get when I am there. All else doesn't matter in that space. It is just me, my tools, my imagination, and emotions that create wonderful pieces of art work. Thank GOD!

Here is a new series that I am in the process of starting. It is somewhat of a color study, but more about process. Enjoy!

Pearl of Wisdom!
Be not weary in well doing! GOD in heaven can do anything!

Be blessed!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Wednesday Whoop - SALON JOOSE

As I continue to grow as an artist, I find the importance in learning of other artists' and their techniques. So, in an effort to bring artists to the forefront that I appreciate and that don't often times get the notoriety they ought to, I am starting The Wednesday Whoop!

I will be highlighting a different artist or association every week. I will be primarily focusing on visual artists, but being a renaissance woman means that I definitely will not leave out artists that concentrate on other forms of art.

Welcome to Wednesday Whoop

I first encountered Tanya Dodd (founder) while serving on the University of the Arts AAP Board about a year ago. At one particular meeting she shared a booklet of her amazing photography and our love for art formed a great friendship from there. We exchanged numbers and email addresses and vowed to keep in touch.

A couple of months later I received an email titled Salon Juice-Fuel For Artists By Artists. It was an invitation to attend what I call an "artist forum."

Well, I decided to attend, and was ecstatic about what I found Tanya Murphy Dodd and Anyta Thomas (co-founder) had going on when I got there.

So what is exactly Salon Joose? Salon Joose is an open arena for artists of all kinds and caliber to come together to share past, current and future creative endeavours. These shared experiences are not kept in the physical realm, but taken viral as well in order to get vital information to artists all over the world via blogs and online talk radio.

Those who attend sessions that occur every 4th Sunday of each month receive honest critiques and suggestions of their work (if wanted) in a comfortable studio/gallery arena. If a discussion groups, workshops, exhibition space, space rental and much more is what you are looking for, then look no further than Salon Joose!

Another honorable perk of Salon Joose is that they have a running calendar of art events that is happening in and around the Philadelphia area noted on their blog.

So get JOOSED people!
For more information about Salon Joose and its founders, please visit
If you are interested in attending a forum, please contact the founders from the website above so they can put you on their email list. They are more than pleased to have additional artists join!

Thanks folks! I look forward to showcasing another artist next Wednesday!

Pearls of Wisdom:
If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you up in your work. Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities. The thing is to get the work done. ~Dale Carnegie

Be Blessed!