Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Craft Show

I know...I's been a minute. A sister has been working hard for the last two weeks getting ready for the craft show I was involved in this morning/afternoon. It was more like a bazaar, but served as a craft show for me, since I was showcasing my jewelry. I made out okay. I sold six pieces, which was okay considering I made more than what my table cost me. I have to find the perfect niche to sell my stuff though. Some of my pieces are very ethnic, while others are rather dainty. I am not quite sure that they would all fit in the same arena. I also wanted my packaging to be a little unique. I started off with store brought wooden boxes. I applied string on the outside, and fabric on the inside to cushion the jewelry. I have put plenty of pics here, so you all can let me know what you think.

Again, I used my wonderful camera. I am getting quite used to it....I love it! I am ready to test it out. I want to shoot some couples really soon. Do I have the couples? No...not yet. It's actually important that the couples are able to be transparent, comfortable, and affectionate in front of me. We are not talking about porno though here people. Just simple, fun, playful, and innocent embraces...kisses...etc.

Since I have been reminded from Lovebabz that April is poetry month, I decided to add a poem:
As a Possible Love / LeRoi Jones
silence, the way of wind
its early lull. Cold morning
to night, we go so
slowly, without
to ourselves. (Enough
to have thought
tonight, nothing
finishes it. What
you are, will have
no certainty, or
end. That you will
stay, where you are,
a human gentle wisp
of life. Ah...)
as a virtue. A single
specious need
to keep
what you have
never really

Be Blessed!


Lovebabz said...

Email me your address and I will send you money--then you pick out whatever pieces you want to sell me! I want to support your dream! You are very talented and I would be proud and honored to wear your creations! My email is Don't delay. Give me a range of your prices so I can send enough to get a good amount of stuff! I am making over myself and I think your collections would be just what the Dr. ordered!

ohh the pictures are lovely! I love boxes---I am always collecting boxes and funky paper bags!

Don't delay!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u need to make some dog appareal and i can sell it in my store. love the earrings

The Artist In Me said...

Yall are 2 of my best supporters and I love ya for it. I mean that!

Love: I will definitely shoot you an email with some prices and pics so that you can let me know what you would like to have. And since I create them, let me know what you like best. I can make something that would suite your taste, with my spin on it. I will e-mail you within the week.

Torrance: How is the latest book going? I haven't thought about doing any jewelry for animals. I am down to do it though. I actually want to get into making some leather jewelry.

Leave me your email address and I will hit you up to ask about more info.