Monday, May 11, 2009

In The Studio

Last week was an extremely productive week. I was able to set aside my previous hang ups about getting into the studio and literally attack my work head on.

While at the last Joose meeting (last week's Wednesday Whoop) I realized that there may have been several things keeping me out of the studio. One being the clutter in parts of my studio, two not having my own space, but the biggest speed bump of them all being my frame of thought. My frame of mind about my work, and warped feeling about my studio.

It almost felt like my enemy...the space that was holding up my creative process. When I got there, nothing would come, and I do mean nothing. No, let's get back to before I got to the space. How about it was hard for me to even get to the space.

So, I took the advice of some of my fellow artist friends. They had some good pointers. I just needed to be in the space. In fact, that may have been the very thing that was holding me back. Not doing! Who would have thought that not doing is what was causing me so much heartache and lack of creativity?

As a result of our conversation, the studio and I have been constant companions in the last few weeks. I now love the feeling I get when I am there. All else doesn't matter in that space. It is just me, my tools, my imagination, and emotions that create wonderful pieces of art work. Thank GOD!

Here is a new series that I am in the process of starting. It is somewhat of a color study, but more about process. Enjoy!

Pearl of Wisdom!
Be not weary in well doing! GOD in heaven can do anything!

Be blessed!

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