Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Drop Off

It took me some time, but I have finally made the "drop off". I know, it sounds like I made a run for the street pharmaceutical man, delivering the oooh wee...the candy...the snow...the dope...etc. However, that is not the case. I actually made a drop off of another kind, but do want to address the drop off spoken about above...if I may, briefly.

I watched "American Gangsta" the other week. The movie was long, but it kind of warmed my heart in the end. Again, I don't condone that behavior (he could have put his savvy intelligence to work for good from jump), but it offered hope to those that are involved in the game (often times who sadly know no better). The main character Frank Lucas was a natural leader, intellectual, and a go getter. He was calm about his business...low key and never flashy. He managed to come up with what I would dare to say was an excellent business plan. It was so savvy that at the height of his career, his per diem was approximately one million. His reign lasted for a minute, and would have lasted even longer had those that were working with him (his family) had the preservation of the business in mind. He ended up helping out the leader of the narc unit on the case and getting off with somewhere between 9 and 15 years in the slammer. He came out and now lives what is seen as a somewhat normal life. In his own words he is doing the following:

Lucas: I do whatever I got to do. I'm putting things together, trying to
build a facility where kids can go play ball and whatever. I'm waiting on the
mayor right now to get another space to go ahead and do that. I got some help on
the way, and I want to try to put that to use. I'm working with my daughter,
Francine. ... I'm getting some finances lined up now so I can do it. I want to
be remembered for helping these kids. If I can get them to follow what I ask
them to do, I'll be happy.

The story spoke volumes to me. It proved to me the following:

-There are cases where people go to jail, come out and can live decent lives.
-One can fall down, but the mark of a true man (or woman) is one that can get up from their mistake and turn it into something wonderful for others.
-In life, we give to get and get to give.
-Sometimes those who strive to look out for self, end up looking out for you too.
-Once we've waddled in the mud, it is our duty to see that those around us avoid getting dirty the way we did.

I just needed to get that off my chest. I have folk (as Mr. Stephens over at rawdawgb would say) on lock down for various reasons, and I need them to know that they can make it. It is never too long as there is breath in your body to turn over a new leaf. Now into...My Drop Off!

I am officially featured in the
Elle Bee Studio store
in Manasquan, NJ.
I took the items on Friday, and had the pleasure of meeting the store owner...who was a gem. She is a jeweler herself and liked the goods. There is nothing better than knowing that another artist likes your work. The shop is about a mile from the beach, and there is a bead store around the corner that is like a beaders heaven. And it doesn't stop there folks. My sister traveled with me (thanks Kiwi) and wanted to eat at this restaurant we passed. We stopped in there and asked for a menu. It turned out not to be the restaurant that we were looking for, but it worked out to my benefit anyhow. We started to chit chat with the woman that greeted us. I told her why we were in Manasquan and she stated that the restaurant was looking to possibly have jewelry classes on Thursday night for their ladies night. Now, the store is about an hour and fifteen minutes from my home, and in all seriousness it may cost me more to get down there than what they would pay me for the class. However, I am a firm believer that God always makes provisions for the vision that He has put in motion. Things will go the way that He desires them to.
So people, there you have it! There will be much more on the horizon for sure. And on another note, I am extremely grateful today that I have lived to see my 29th year today. God is real yall! If you don't know, please ask, and I will surely let you know. The fact that I am alive and have the use of my limbs to explore the gifts that God has given me, is a beautiful thing.
Thank you JESUS!
Pearls of Wisdom:
Do what you do best. To do someone else never serves you or others justice.
Be Blessed!


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

congrats on the exhibit
i aint seen american gangster

Lovebabz said...

Ooh I am so cheering you on!

Hey we all have the power to change our lives whether we fall down or not. It may be that you just don't like the direction you are going in...change your mind...change your life.

I personally appreciated this post! Having seen a bit of drama over the last few years! I am moving forward!

And I can't wait to see my jewelry!!!