Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An "I Wonder..." Day

Have you ever had an "I wonder..." day? I wonder how I got here, but I'm glad that I'm here or I wonder how I got here, but I've got no clue how to get out? I've been on both ends of the stick, but within the last couple of days, it seemed to be the later of the two scenarios.

The great things:
I have taught my first jewelry beading class. It went smashingly well. It was a private lesson and the woman was so pleased that she is scheduling another class. She made a pair of drop earrings that she allowed her daughter to wear out of the store. They looked great! I will hopefully have some pics of my students work to put here a little later.

I have recently joined a photography website. The people have been very welcoming thus far. I look forward to posting my work there for some feedback, and being able to identify photography contests that are legit for me to enter.

I jazzed up my studio a bit. I hung lots of some previous prints that I have done in order to inspire me while I am there. It's a space that I feel real comfy going to now. Before, I had no choice...I had to do my work somewhere. However, now...I am sort of elated to be able to get down there to work.

The "I wonder how I got here, and what do I do":
Lots of thought have gone into the things below.

I took my car to the dealership yesterday for them to check out my breaks and tire rods. I asked for an oil change and a 25 point inspection. They came back stating that they could do none of the above. Why? The nut or bolt (or whatever you choose to call it) is stuck; the pan cannot be emptied. It seems the thread is stripped. That means that they have to replace the whole pan. The cost of that is roughly 1,200 dollars. I laughed when they told me. I thought it was hilarious, as I just paid 1,200 in February to fix some computer issues so that it could pass inspection. Oh, and it doesn't stop there folks. As I went to the back to check out the screw that could not be unscrewed, the mechanic pointed something else out. The piece that you take down to get to the oil pan that is supposed to be held by bolts, is held by ties. Yes people...TIES! You know the plastic devices that hold items down in stores in hopes that thieves don't walk away with items that are not theirs....kind of ties. I felt like hitting the deck at that point. It was only God (and the woman that was gracious enough to pray with me) that allowed me to walk out of that place with my head up. As I got home I did my research and found out that my car had never had an oil change. The last place just topped the oil off, which just reinforced that I was ripped off by the place I bought the car from. I started to think about all the things I could do to their establishment. How I could give them bad press if I wanted too. How I could go and picket in front of their store. As I thought, I was reminded that cheaters never prosper. I was reminded that they don't get to get my joy. I was reminded that there are wicked folks here on earth and there will always be. I was reminded I am not fighting that particular person, but a spirit that lives within them. Bottom line....they aren't worth my aggravation! I will ride Dayton (my car) until I can't ride him any longer. And I have a feeling that will be a long time...or at least I pray so.

I am faced with yet another decision as far as my job goes, which has really been a blessing. There is a possibility that my current part-time position will go full-time. It may not be within the next couple of months, but then again it may. Things on the art end are going well, but have not opened up enough to completely stop working as of yet. However, I do need a position such as the one that I have that offers me some flexibility to do my thing. I have to be honest and say that after weeks of thinking about this, I am not too worried. I know the God that I serve has
provided for me thus far, will continue to do so. Nerve racking....maybe. Impossible....NEVER!

So there you have it folks. The things that make me say "hmmmm". The things that just cause me to wonder. There are a few other things that I could ramble about, but let us just say that I am making my way to greener pastures. The season is about to change in a couple of days, and I am believing that there are great changes occurring for me around the bend.

Pearls of Wisdom:
Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world."
-Ada Lewis Huxtable

Be Blessed!


Lovebabz said...

I am cheering and praying for you! Just stay focused. "Do what you have to do, in order to do what you want to do"...the Great Debaters.

Nothing worth having is ever easy. Keep the faith. Remeber you are an artist firts and foremost. I understand you must pay the bills. Just don't lose site of the big picture. I will do all I can to ensure your creativity is not compromised.

You are a jewel!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

faith and persistance got u there

Anonymous said...

Oh Em Gee...is that your artwork? You have an AMAZING gift, ma'am.

My goodness!

Anonymous said...

BTW, your artwork isn't the only thing that's evolving!

I had to remind myself frequently that God has it all under control.

As you said: never-racking? Possibly. Impossible? Never!

The Artist In Me said...

Love: I have to be honest and say that it is a daily struggle. Some days are better than others, but I thank God that He keeps me trucking! And you are right, nothing worth having is seldom ever easy to gain. He has bought me too far to lose sight of the big picture. You have done just that...ensure that my creativity is not compromised. Thank you! I will make sure that you are happy with your products...if not, you know where to find me...LOL!

Mr. Stephens: Yes...faith "the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen", is exactly what got me here. Lord knows I can't see through the fog of what I call the "middle". It is the persistence of the folks that keep reminding me of what I am here to do (like yourself..LOL!) that also keep me on the straight and narrow. The Lord knows who I need to keep me in line. Thanks!

Cocoa Girl: I am so glad that you are back in the blog world. We need you! You too are an awesome artist...writer. He gave you that gift....don't ever forget that!
I thank God daily that I am blossoming into the woman that He desires for me to be. I love you!