Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have finished the button piece that I was working on and ventured onto yet another piece. Interesting it is to say the least and has been on my mind since I have been in that loving kind of mood.

The title is XXmuahXX. Its birth started perhaps a few weeks ago as I sat and spoke to my mother about kisses. I rambled on and on about the good ones, the bad ones, the missed ones, so forth and so on. I simply explained just how much I desired to be kissed.

It strikes me as strange that at a young age I looked at kissing as just that…kissing. It felt wonderful as my young hormones raged. However, in my aging and as Lovebabz would say, coming into my “grown woman”, I have grown to seek kisses for different reasons. I have grown to understand that a kiss is not simply just a kiss….as the song goes. It’s much more. It denotes so much: friendship, love, care, honesty, etc.

Kisses act as a sort of binding contract, and at times serve as a sign of betrayal. They normally take place at the beginning and the end of interacting with another individual. You kiss a family member or friend when you first come into their presence and then before you leave. A kiss between lovers is shared during the beginning of the courtship phase and often at the end of the courtship (mostly if ended amicably). Lovers kiss to engage and end a particular act of sexual intimacy.

Kisses can be simple and complicated all at the same time. They can be sweet, but bitter. They can be loving, yet unforgiving. They can be passionate, yet mean nothing. They can be innocent, but mean the world. They can be passive, yet aggressive. They can be fearful, but exhilarating. They have the ability to make you smile and cry all at the same time.

Simply put…lips are wonderful body parts that God has made, and kisses are simple nuggets of joy that can be shared with others through them. So, XXmuahXX is a homage to all of the fabulous kinds of kisses.

Have you given a kiss or been kissed lately?
Where did it take place?
Where was the kiss placed?
What type of kiss was it?
What was your experience?

*As many of you know, I combine my writing with my pieces. I would love to gain feedback in order to place some of it in my piece. If you would like to forward this on to others, that would be great. The more the merrier. There is a possibility that it may or may not be used. Thanks you so much!

Be Blessed!


Lovebabz said...

I long for a beautiful, deep and sultry kiss!

I have not kissed in a decade. Don't ask...yes I was married for 12 years...don't ask. Let's just say kissing was not his strong suit.

So the next man I kiss will have to be able to bear the weight of a decade of kissing to catch up on!

You should show your art work! How much is the button piece and can I see it?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

nope i have not
would love a kiss though

The Artist In Me said...

I thought that I was the only one that has not been kissed in a while...at least by a man I was interested in.

However, this piece is more about the act of a kiss. It doesn't necessarily have to be from a lover, but a kiss in general. Perhaps one from your child, a parent, sibling or even a friend.

Love, I have been intending to put pics up. It has been hard, since I haven't had much time to take pics of the works that I have done.

Anonymous said...

I live in NYC, so I get kissed on the cheek pretty regularly. So much that I probably take dem "nuggets" for granted.

I haven't been kissed romantically or otherwise in a loooong time.


btw, xxmuahxx is GORGEOUS. I wish I could afford her kisses...:)

kora said...

i have been kissed. it was by a lover and it was a romantically. i was coming home fron a long day of school and he just opened his arms and give me a hug and kiss, to tell me I'm here and whatever happened is all over.

The Artist In Me said...

Cocoa and Kora:

Thanks a bunch for sharing your stories. It helps lots to get feedback and inspiration for my pieces.

Be blessed!

Ceiling Decorations said...

i have not too! but i would love to