Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GOD In a Box

Today I came to the tough realization that I have been guilty of putting GOD in the box a time or two...or maybe three, four or five, or a thousand times over.

And as I pondered, I wondered what good it was doing me to put the Creator of the Universe in a box? Do I not trust that HE who created me is good enough to guide me to the place where I am supposed to be? Am I apprehensive in believing that HE too is aware of the mistakes that I have and will make, and uses even those to allow me to blossom into who HE desires for me to be? Is it the fear of the unknown or the fear that HE will not make good on HIS promises? Is it my allowance of others reflections of their relationship with GOD to skew my own?

All these questions and more I mulled over, and here are a few things I was given.

Everything is par for the course:
With GOD, there are no coincidences! In fact, everything that we go through life is able to be used and learned from. Where I am at the present moment was ordained by GOD. Good or bad, beautiful or ugly, productive or non-productive...it (all that comes with life) is par for the course.

It's for someone else:
Although not always fair, the trials that we often go through are not about us. Often the things that we go through (for better or for worse) are about being an example for someone else. I look at it as a "how to" or "how not to" gauge. And speaking for myself, I know I have been used to serve as both to others. The reality is, people are not only looking at my trials, but more importantly how I respond to my trials. Am I going to handle them with poise and grace, with a smile on my face or am I going to buck the process?

The process is just as important as the final product:
As the famous saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day." As a matter of fact, in doing a minimal amount of research, it seems that the Roman Empire lasted approximately from 27 BC to 476 AD, depending on the historian. That means that it lasted for 503 years. If it lasted for 503 years, it is very likely that it took over 100 years to reach its peak. So to me that means that the process is almost more important than the final product. If I don't take time to get the process correct, how well is the final product going to be? There is no sense in rejoicing in the product being complete only for the final product to fall apart because the planning stages were poor.

GOD'S timing is superior to my own:
GOD thinks on a totally different wave length as a human being...me! Therefore, things don't happen the way I desire them to all the time, and much for my benefit (whether I recognize it as such or not). I am a simple being, where GOD is complex. I see things on the surface with my natural eyes, where GOD has the ability to see far beyond what's visible. I am only able to be in one place at a time, where GOD is everywhere at once. GOD has insight to my future, where at best I am blessed to be given a glimpse from HIM.

The bottom line...it's time to take GOD out of the box in my mind. It's time to free HIM from the confining four walls that stifle HIM. HE has created me to be exactly who I am, at this moment, for this moment, and I trust that this moment is preparing me for the next!

Ta ta for now!

Prelim sketch for a painting!

Pearls of Wisdom:
"Any existence deprived of freedom is a kind of death."
~ Gen Michel Aoun

Be blessed!

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