Monday, December 10, 2012

The Compliment Of One

 Back Stitching that can be worn in the front

 Front view

About This Piece
Like the previous cowl, this Cherry Oatmeal winter cowl is made of acrylic fibers, and incredibly soft! This cowl is stitched closed in the back. It is approximately 14 inches wide and approximately 18 inches long.

The price of this item is $30 (shipping not included), and please remember that the paypal button under the scarf is ONLY for this Cherry Oatmeal winter cowl. There will be posts following with other cowls available to purchase, and the return policy is the same as that for Exo31 Art, LLC jewelry. If you are looking for other items that are for sale, please hit the "for sale" label on the left side of this blog. That will bring up all the items that are currently for sale.

Thought for the Day:
I could complain and say that this day has been a tad frustrating in some areas, starting with trying to get this post out. However I will save the drama and concentrate on the best compliment that I have received in a long while.

Last week my sister called and stated that she had something to tell me that she thought I would like to hear. She explained that she and her husband have recently been talking about their dreams and aspirations with one another. As a result, they decided to make an effort to talk to their 3 small children (whom I completely adore) about their dreams and aspirations also.

One morning while talking to my niece (she’s 10, and the oldest of the 3) she asks her what her dreams are. The conversation goes something like this:

Sister: Since you bring that up, what are your dreams Liv?
Niece: What do you mean?
Sister: What do you see yourself doing when you become older? Do you see yourself having a family like mommy and daddy? Do you see yourself having a husband and children?
Niece: (thinking) No, I don’t think so.
Sister: Well what do you want to do?
Niece: I want to be a fashion designer and travel a lot. I want to go to Paris and help children in Africa. I want to be like Auntie. She has nothing holding her back. She can do whatever she wants to.
Sister: Do you think that Auntie wants to be married and have children?
Niece: I am not sure if she wants to be married, but I don’t think she wants children. (I snickered at this...she has no idea!)

She wants to be like me folks! She believes that I can do whatever I set my heart to do, and that there is nothing that is holding me back. What an extremely endearing compliment! It was the best compliment that I have received in a long time for several reasons.

She doesn’t see my internal or external struggles.  She doesn’t see the disobedience of the past that make it a little more difficult for me to get things in order now. She doesn’t see the fear or confusion that sometimes tries to overtake my thoughts. She doesn’t see the pain that comes along with my hearts desires that have yet to manifest themselves.

She sees the best in me! To her I am Auntie almighty who can rule the world if I wanted to.  She sees a woman who is determined and tenacious.  She sees a woman who is a dreamer and an achiever. She sees a woman who is passionate and goal oriented. She sees a woman who is following her purpose no matter what!

What a confidence booster! Her compliment is ingrained in my memory and stored in my heart. If there is ever a time I am unsure of who God created me to be or doubtful of the gifts and talents He has blessed me with, I will recall her incredible confidence in who I am!

Olivia (aka Bugg) I love you so much! Thank you for believing in Auntie more than Auntie believes in herself at times! You inspire me to be the best that I can be, and do so with excellence! Kudos to you kid! I am so Godly proud of the young lady you are becoming, and blessed to call you my baby! You are on track to becoming beyond incredible! 

And to my two kings Josiah and Micah (aka Phat Man and Cheeks), Auntie loves you more than you could imagine!

On My Work Desk:
This is a quick sketch that will ultimately turn into a painting for the new series that I have started.

Corner of Gratitude:
An outsiders view of the greatness that lies within me

Pearls of Wisdom:
The best praises are those out of the mouth of babes. They tend to be the most sincere!

As always, thank you for purchasing, reading, commenting, subscribing, and following! Until next post...

Be Blessed!

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