Friday, February 22, 2013

2 and 2

Thought For The Day
It's been 2 days over 2 months since I have updated last. And from everything that I read, that is a horrible thing for a blog and business. Well...despite what "they" say, this small break has been super instrumental in my future.

While I haven't been posting, I have been living my passion to the fullest! It hasn't been all easy...fear rears it's ugly head when it feels like it, and sometimes that is often. However, I have been on a mission, on my grind, and hustling hard. Any way you slice it, I am living my life on purpose.

So this post will not be all that long or super laced with pictures. I am using it as more of an update of what has been going on in the past few weeks.

On My Work Desk:
Mixed Media - I am still working on the sunset series that I wrote about the last post. I am quite pleased with the way that they are turning out.

I am in search of a place to host my first every art exhibition! Of course there are really no words to express how excited I am. I am not all that nervous about this one. This is a necessary that I was created to make. It's the first of many successful moves! I will keep you all update as to when it happens...of course you all are invited :)

I have started a Parisian themed mural for a happy couple that will be blessed with a baby girl in the next few months. I will post progress pictures soon.

Scarfs/Cowls - Business has been booming as I have been blessed to come up with some fresh and  innovative designs.

Other Things Creative - A little while ago I posted a short teaser clip about a mixed tape that is coming out that I was involved in. Well, that has turned into something all together different. It's a good different. An anti-bullying difference!

Two fellas (Willecutz and Steve Forte) and I have had the privilege to go into two elementary schools and perform original songs that circle around giving kids a better self awareness so that bullying becomes obsolete. Check out a little more here at the links below:

Well there you have it folks!

Corner of Gratitude:

Pearls of Wisdom:
The effects of making an impact is sometimes seen, but always felt!

As always thank you for reading, commenting, purchasing, subscribing, and following! Until next post... 

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