Monday, February 25, 2008

Art Is...

Work is as you all know, these buttons are ruling my art world at the moment. I have included a picture of what the back looks like thus far. I have a new found respect for those in third world countries that do similar work. They slave to make our clothes, get paid pennies, and Americans turn around and sell it for 400 or more percent markup. Hey, that is the American dream though right!

Anyhow, I ran across this statement in this book that I read a minute ago. It really made so much sense to me. It verbalized exactly what I was feeling.

“The artist had a vision, something she needed to bring to life on canvas. Artists don’t know their work will be received or if people will get it. They just paint. Some people will receive the message the way the artists envisioned. Others will misinterpret it. But it’s not really a misinterpretation if they are bringing to their viewing of the painting their own experiences, then filtering that experience through the images on canvas until the piece has personal relevance.” -Felicia Mason

Today's Pearls of Wisdom:
Anything worth having is worth working for!

Are you willing to work for the things that are worth having, or are you wanting to have it served to you on a silver platter?

Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Even the back of the canvas looks like art!

I am now willing to work for it all. Before I was waiting on the silver platter and probably wanted it to be gold!

The Artist In Me said...


It's funny, as I wrote about being served on a silver platter, I thought about gold. You know what they say...great minds think alike.