Thursday, August 4, 2011

#6 - The Other Side of The Tracks

I came back from a mini (and I do mean mini) vacation on Monday, and just couldn’t seem to get my bearings straight to paint or blog. I started to catch up on Tuesday with the painting, and just now getting to update you all on what has been going down!

Today’s painting (or more like this weeks painting at this point) is about an area in Philly (6th & American) that used to be thriving warehouses. There are still some up and running, but the majority of them have been closed and abandoned for quite some time.

There is something funny and actually baffling about cities. One street is obviously affluent, and the next block is the total opposite. And I don't care what city you are in...every city has an area such as this. I understand that there is such a thing called gentrification, but really…just less than a hundred yards from one home to the next things look so drastically different? It raises more than a few questions, which I won't go into due to the sake of time (feel free to post your comments).

So I have taken a little bit more of a laid back approach with this painting. I am more of a perfectionist and detail oriented (most of the time), but I will be trying to get loose for the next few paintings.

There you have it folks!!! I must get my beauty rest to get going on my purpose all over again tomorrow!!!

Pearls of Wisdom:
Coming generations will learn equality from poverty, and love from woes.
~Khalil Gibran

Be blessed!!


Princess Rashid said...

I remember Atlanta going through this same type of process years ago. You are right every city has a section or two like this. I think it is the nature of cities in regards to racial and class divides....

On the flip side, you may be able to find a cool studio. Think of the all that space. There probably would be security issues but maybe with a couple artists banning together you all can help transform the city.

I lived in Jacksonville, FL for a while and was part of helping the city go through a cultural renaissance of sorts... Artists like us can make a difference!


Princess Rashid said...

Regarding the painting: I like what you are doing. Keep at it.

To get loose try painting with big brushes and push the paint around. It is fun and you may be surprised with some of the textural aspects you achieve. Big brushes are the key to painting looser.

For all my big talk, it is something I struggle with. I just want to use my little brushes to get that detail.. But what I am finding is that painting is not in the details but in the big shapes especially the negative space between the objects. When I get that right and use enough paint, the painting comes together easier.

I think it is a great idea to document your city in paint. It is something I am working on too. I look forward to sharing my city paintings with you.


The Artist In Me said...

Thanks for stopping by Princess!

I agree...I do think that it is part of the racial and class divides. I just sort of hate it!

Yes, I have a few friends that are artists that have taken advantage of old abandoned warehouse spaces in other parts of town. It's a great idea. I actually live on the other side of the river (NJ), and the stuff I have going on on this side doesn't permit me to take a short trip to Philly often.

Thanks for the encouragement on getting loose! I am trying so hard. I started another painting yesterday and I got stuck in the detail yet again. It's crazy cause I normally work really large, but because of the nature of this project decided to work small. And you are right...I do feel more at ease working with large brushes. Quite frankly the 4x4 canvas is swallowing me whole, for as small as it is.

I'll push on though! I am determined to make it through this project!

Have a great day!!!