Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time to Dream

Black and white animal print

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Thought For The Day:
Today I took time to dream. I think that it is something that we don't do enough of, and today I made a decision to make time to dream on a daily basis.

I am an avid journaler, and for quite some time I have been trying to figure out why I have been a little lax in my writing. It was almost starting to feel like more of a chore than a place to pray, drop feelings, and just say what I needed to say without condemnation.

Today I think I understand why. I have this innate desire to create with images as well as words. My journaling was becoming boring and stagnant. It was becoming something that I could no longer digest. I should have known. Most of my paintings and drawings contain my writing. It should have clicked that perhaps my writings needed images as well.

So I am dreaming on a daily basis on purpose for my purpose in image and in word. I will look back at these pages often...etching new views onto my delicate cerebral cortex.   

This is what was birthed today from dreaming, and journaling with image as well as words.  Todays focus: relaxation

Until next post.....

Pearls of Wisdom:
Superman can fly high, way up in the sky
'Cause I believe he can
So what I choose to believe can always work out fine
It's all in the mind
~ Luther Vandross "Make Me a Believer" 

 Today I choose to believe. I have the vision and write the vision down so that it is in plain site! 

Be blessed!

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Apple said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I like your earrings.

Wordless Wednesday is not mine. You should check out http://wordlesswednesday.blogspot.com/ if you like it. They have a ton of them there! :)

Rose Altom said...

I am so glad to see a textile artist...your work is beautiful! I, too, find journaling much more fun with images and euphemora added.

The Artist In Me said...

Hi Apple!

You are more than welcome! I read it often. I have always been an avid journaler, but am now realizing how much I need images. You do it so well!

I will check out the wordless Wednesday blog. The concept is really cool!

The Artist In Me said...

Hi Rose!

Thank you for the compliment! Isn't it more fun that way! I am just now finding my voice with it. I look forward to what grand ideas come about for paintings.

K Howell said...

Best of Luck with the jewellery!

The Artist In Me said...

Thank you so much K!