Tuesday, September 18, 2012



The price of this item is $14 (tax and shipping not included), and please remember that the paypal button under the earrings are ONLY for these Feather Quartz Earrings.  There will be posts following with other jewelry available to purchase, and in the event it is needed, a return policy is at the end of this post. If you are looking for other items that are for sale, please hit the for sale label on the left side of this blog. That will bring up all the items that are currently for sale.

About This Piece
These earrings are new! All of the components come from other broken earrings. The gem at the top is light gray quartz.

Thought For The Day:
The fall season is quickly approaching. School has started, the weather is cooling down, and allergies are wreaking havoc on folks sinuses.

In the past, fall hasn't been my favorite of seasons. It reminds me that winter is right around the corner. And honestly, I could do without the winter season...at least the snow. This go round I wrap my arms around the fall season like a lover embraces their object of affection. It marks a fresh start for me. I am letting go of some things, people, and thoughts. I am adopting and implementing new habits that will become mainstays.

This morning as I was leaving a client the leaves were on the ground, which to me is a sure sign of fall. It reminded me of a few things.  Here in the NJ it rained. As the ground started to dry, the wet fallen leaves were the last to dry, leaving a wet ring that surrounds them. It reminded me that in this new season, I am covered. Like the leaves, God has surrounded me with just what I need to make it through this upcoming season. There is nothing that can change that. And when I have completed this season and ready for the next, I will be carried by His fresh wind to the next part of the journey, just as a the dry leaf is carried to its next destination.

Pearls of Wisdom:
Through the years I have been getting better and better and better, and it's what you learn through the seasons!
~ David Ortiz

Be blessed!

Exo31 Art, LLC Jewelry Return Policy
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