Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something Missing

Fall is here, and winter will be approaching sooner than we think! This Red Sequence winter scarf is  made of wool and acrylic fibers. It is a two inch wide infinity scarf (one big loop) that is able to be wrapped two or more times. It is wrapped three times in the picture above.
The price of this item is $30 (shipping not included), and please remember that the paypal button under the scarf is ONLY for this red sequence scarf.  There will be posts following with other scarfs available to purchase, and the return policy is the same as that for Exo31 Art, LLC jewelry. If you are looking for other items that are for sale, please hit the for sale label on the left side of this blog. That will bring up all the items that are currently for sale. 

Thought For The Day:
Before I know it, it will be 9pm. Today I have managed to get a few things done. I have even managed to fit in an hour long walk, which was much needed to put some things in perspective.

Before my walk I put a post on FB that simply said this, "Life is good! Not perfect, but good. The sun in shining, Daidi and I are cool, I have family and friends that I love dearly and they love me the same, business is picking up, and my social calendar is full. But it's the strangest thing, it feels like something is missing."

That's where I was, and to some extent, that is where I am at the moment. It's almost like there is this void that is unfulfilled, and I just can't figure out exactly what that void is...if indeed there is one. I feel okay. I don't feel sad or angry. I just feel a little perplexed.

I have felt this way before. I am unsure of what I did (if anything) to make it over this feeling. I think I surmised it to be just that...a hump. A hump that I would eventually bulldoze over or smooth out. A hump that wasn't all that significant, since I can't remember how I managed to get over it. It just proves that once over one hump it's easier to get over the other humps.

So I am determined to demolish this hump that I can't quite identify! The bulldozer is cranked and ready to ride!

Thanks for reading, purchasing, commenting, subscribing, following!  Until next post...

On My Work Desk:
This weekend I had the pleasure of doing a live painting at the All In Café Night. It was hosted by the music ministry at Victory in Christ Christian Center in Deptford, NJ. I happen to be a partner, but was honored that I was asked to lend my gift for the evening.

I was a little frazzled about what I was to paint before the event happened, and didn't get clarity until about 3 hours before the event started. And even then, it wasn't total clarity. I had bits and pieces. I was supposed to paint this a while ago, and I neglected to. As I sat quiet before God, He brought to my remembrance that He is the vine and we are the branches. His glorious roots grow deep so that we may bear fruit. Here is the outcome!

I will be making prints of this painting.

Pearls Of Wisdom:
There's nothing I miss about anything in the whole wide world. The idea of missing something means you're not living in the moment. Every moment is good for something.
~ Ricky Williams  
Be blessed!
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scott davidson said...

I had a chance to combine my two loves in life recently and had a two weeks' holiday in wonderful France, to which I had been before, and had loved so much. I took a little Renault rental car and headed off from Paris, to the Palace of Versailles, to Chartres then southward to sunny Provence, via the Auvergne region, with the Songs of the Auvergne playing repeated on the CD player.
Magnifique, comme toujours. I saw many art galleries and followed the footsteps of artists, like poor Vincent Van Gogh.
Back home all too soon, I ordered a canvas print from wahooart.com, choosing this painting by Cézanne, http://EN.WahooArt.com/A55A04/w.nsf/OPRA/BRUE-8EWNWL, to remember my trip by.

The Artist In Me said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time Scott! I am determined to get to Paris one day to experience the.art scene there!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come again soon!

Be blessed!