Monday, October 18, 2010

Alternate Creative Ventures

Today I digressed a bit from jewelry to take a bit of time with Buddy. Buddy (for those that are not aware) is my camera.

I love photography, especially black and white photography. To me it tells a story that has occurred in a still moment. Much like visual art of various kinds, it leaves room for the viewer to have some creative license.

So today, I was more than happy to help a couple of friends of mine tell the story of birth. They will soon be welcoming two beautiful babies into this world. I am honored to help them celebrate and create memories!

Congratulations Lori and Rashaan! I love you all!

We will be blessed by your presence twins!
Pearls of Wisdom:
"Everyone knows that by far the happiest and universally enjoyable age of man is the first. What is there about babies which makes us hug and kiss and fondle them, so that even and enemy would give them help at that age?
~Desiderius Eramus
Babies are gifts given to us by God. It is His ultimate display of love through and for us!

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