Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Slow Start

As I spoke of yesterday, I am starting a new bracelet!

There are a couple of steps that I will be doing to create this bracelet, so I thought that I would blog in segments. The segments will keep each blog entry this week short and sweet, but also build some excitement for you at the end of the week.

So, I got the base for this bracelet at a thrift store in Southern Jersey called Villiage Thrift. It was a chain belt with a native american motif pieces fit into where a cobechan would noramally be. I liked the wooden painted pieces, but thought I would like to put something else in that space. I popped out the pieces and took off the metal pieces that created the chain.

I was left with one metal piece that I needed to bend in order for it to form to the wrist. I then chose out the type of chain I wanted to use.

The belt I took apart. If you look to the left you will see it's original clasp, which I will use in the new bracelet!

I popped out the piece in the middle. At the bottom you will see the empty metal piece and at the top you will see the pieces popped out.

Tomorrow I will be crushing some pearls to put in the center of the metal piece. Have a wonderful evening/morning yall!

Pearls of Wisdom:
"If we focus on being some other place because we think it's better, then we will neither enjoy where we are nor do what we must to succeed." ~ John C. Maxwell
Before you take a gander at the grass on your neighbor's lawn, are ou the best you can be where you are? Are you taking the time to enjoy where you are now, and are you doing what you need to do in the space you are now to succeed in the future?

Be blessed!

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