Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Beautiful Mess! defines mess as, "to busy oneself without purpose or plan; work aimlessly or halfheartedly; putter, to waste time; loaf, to meddle or interfere; to involve or associate oneself (esp. for immoral or unethical purposes)".

As I thought about this definition and the recent work I have been doing with broken, found, and unwanted jewelry...I thought of myself. I can identify with the definition of mess...I've been a mess, and still am at times. However, what I realize is that what is seen as a mess to some is absolutely beautiful in the eyes of GOD. So today, I am grateful to be a beautiful mess, working to be all that I was created to be!!!!

Truthfully, I see the broken, found and unwanted jewelry much the same. It's a mess when I get it...torn, cracked and burned, amongst other things. However, what a awesome thing to be able to turn something tattered into something stunning. Being able to see the outcome, is priceless!

So today's bracelet comes from so many different sources. I posted a while back about some earring that I was trying to make out of a bracelet a friend gave me. The project didn't work so well as earrings, but was perfect as part of a toggle. I burnished the other end so it would match. I saw so much potential in these charms on a dress a friend gave me. The dress fared well without them too! I took the jump rings off a broken belt, and the chain is from another piece of broken jewelry from the lot I purchased weeks ago.

The bracelet, and part of the finished toggle

The other part of the toggle, and the mess of a belt I got the jumprings from

The dress I got the charms from. Can you see where they were?

Vwala...there you have it! A new piece of jewelry to be worn! You folks have a great day, and I look forward to posting more!

Front view Side View

Front and back view

Pearls of Wisdom:
LOVE HIMSELF loves mess...including me and you!

Be blessed!

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