Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Beginning

I've decided that I am going to make a concerted effort this year to do this thing right. So, that means that I am going to be blogging my progress and success as an artist here. Hopefully I will have those that will be able to cheer me on in my journey, but have made up in my mind that if no one comments, I still need this to keep me focused and on the ball. I will be blogging daily...some long and some short...some will be about the fine arts and some will be about the crafts. However, they will all be about me delving into the host of creative thoughts that swim within my mind...one that God created beautifully. So, enjoy...and comment if you choose.

Be blessed!


T said...

Hello Ms. Artist! Since I'm the first, I'd like to thank a few people...lol

Stay devoted to your craft! God is enlarging your canvas! Any yeah, let's talk about my photo shoot!


The Artist In Me said...

TS...Will you be my biggest fan? LOL!!! Let's talk shop about the shoot. Read my Hmmm Blog and you will know why the old Yashica will have to do for the moment. LOL!