Friday, January 4, 2008

Thought Provoking Writing

I did a lot of writing today. I actually started the process of writing my artist statement. It doesn't seem like it should really take all the steps that I am taking, but the process that I have been following does make for some thought provoking writings. Writings that could actually be used in some of my pieces. I have been forced to think about phrases that describe my work, why I chose art and how did I get started. It's interesting because while I was involved in the arts when I was young I never really thought that I would be an artist. I always pushed for Vetrenarian. I actually started off on a Zoology track at college, but quickly realized it wasn't for me. My creativity was being stifled and once I made a commitment to my art I was liberated. I can truly say now knowing Christ that it is a gift that He has given. It all made sense later when I realized that art in any capacity was the thing that made me tick. Quite frankly, the more that I share the gift (put my thoughts on canvas with paint, on paper with pen, through the lens of my camera, threads of knitted/crocheted yarn, the movement of my body or via the sound of my voice) the more I receive to share. Moral of the story...use your gift/talent. What ever you put are sure to receive in return. I would encourage everyone to read Matthew 25: 14-30 from the best Book ever. The story really encourages us to be productive in whatever God has gifted us with. Enjoy!

Be blessed!

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