Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday Fun!

So I have decided that I will not be blogging about the series that I am currently doing on Saturday and Sunday. I am keeping those days to post about what I have done during the weekend or not post at all. I am really trying to be disciplined in posting everyday. Sometimes I hit the mark, and sometimes I don't. However, I would like to hit the bulls-eye more than not!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing my first Cirque du Soliel show in NY. It was a birthday gift from a dear friend of mine, and we had a ball!!! The show was great! The performers super gifted to do what they do.

Zarkana cast

Sitting area in the women's bathroom

After the show, we met up with another friend we met at a Stevie Wonder concert a few years ago. Both Mel and I are social butterflies, so it is no wonder that we met another social butterfly (Mari) on the!

Hi Maribel and Melissa!

We strolled around the city and grabbed supper from a place on 24 West 45th Street called Karam. The food was great, and the customer service was superb. Marwan (an employee) made suggestions for our entrees, and threw in a sweet treat for us before we left. If you are into Middle Eastern cuisine and looking for someplace spectacular to eat while enjoying the beauty of NY try this place. And for those who are concerned, they do serve Halal meat! Greet the those who are working with a smile and they are sure to return the favor.

Hi Marwan!

After our stop at Karam, we were in the mood for something sweet, but light. We had it mapped out to go to a side vendor that sold Gelato, but stumbled upon a quaint ice cream shop called Steve's. They prepare what they call Craft ice cream, craft coconut cremé, craft frozen sorbet, and craft frozen buch. In fact, it was the word "craft" that had peaked our interest. When asked what craft meant, we were told that the ice cream is homemade, but that they add certain flavors that give their frozen treats an edge. Martina allowed us to taste every flavor that they had available. All of them were tasty, but Mexican Chili Chocolate was the most interesting. It was chocolate ice cream base with chocolate chips, and a burst of heat on the end tail that lays right in the center of your throat. The chill from the ice cream mixed with the heat from the infused chili spice was pretty amazing. I didn't choose that particular flavor as I thought that it would feel as though degrees were added to the sweltering 100 or so day that we had. Instead I took Urban Passion Kombucha (fermented tea) along for the walk. Again, a very pleasant establishment with knowledgeable employees who are willing to go the extra mile for their customers. Check their website out Oh they are on Twitter and Facebook too!

Martina served us well!

My choice: urban passion kombucha

Thank you Meli, Maribel and New York for a superb experience!

A piece of NY's skyline

Well ta ta for now good people. More about the series on Philadelphia on Monday! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and be safe out there in this heat!

Pearls of Wisdom:
Do whatever you need to do to stay cool! Check on your elderly neighbors and those that are unable to care for themselves often!

Be blessed!

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