Monday, October 22, 2012

Torpedo Factory

About This Piece
This Fall Mix winter scarf is made of 100% acrylic fibers (a material perfect for those concerned about hair breakage).  This scarf is open ended and approximately 6 inches wide and over five feet long.  
The price of this item is $30 (shipping not included), and please remember that the paypal button under the scarf is ONLY for this Fall Mix winter scarf.  There will be posts following with other scarfs available to purchase, and the return policy is the same as that for Exo31 Art, LLC jewelry. If you are looking for other items that are for sale, please hit the for sale label on the left side of this blog. That will bring up all the items that are currently for sale.
Thought For The Day:
For those that have been reading for a while have heard me speak of the love that I have for Northern Virginia. I lived there for a few years after graduating from college (for those that are reading for the first time). While I was there I spent an immense amount of time in Old Town Alexandria, which is a quaint area that is about 15 square miles large with an incredible thriving arts community. 

Well this weekend I finally had the opportunity to visit the Torpedo Factory during a girls weekend. I am grateful to have friends (that I consider to be sisters) that appreciate all forms of art and understand my love for it as well. And while I know that they like art, I am almost convinced that the friend that lives in the area thought that it would be good for me in particular. And if that was the case, indeed she was right!

The artists and their creations were absolutely amazing! The open studio set up was just what I needed to put a little pep in my step. I needed to see artists doing "their thing". I needed to feel the barrage of emotions, from sadness to sheer delight. I have been in the swing of things concerning my creations, but there is always that nagging voice that states that I am not good enough or that I won't make it in this business, and even that I will run out of ideas. 
I am almost sure that the nagging voice is the voice of the enemy, and I choose to believe otherwise! I was built for this! I am on the right track! I am in the exact place I should be, and even the timing of things is not an accident!
I love what I do, and the people that push me to strive to be better at what I do! Thank you for an absolutely lovely weekend JW Crew! I love you ladies!

As always, thanks for reading, commenting, purchasing, subscribing and following! Until next post…

Pearls of Wisdom:
"I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a hear full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun."
~ Charles Swindoll

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Anonymous said...

You're right! I did have you in mind when I picked the Torpedo Factory. I thought that this has Tene written all over it!

Love ya,


The Artist In Me said...

LOL...I knew it! You are always so thoughtful!

Love you back!