Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Week

Today, like the rest of this week was extremely busy. I won't complain though. As a matter of fact, it is a blessing that I am busy with purpose!!!

Because of that, this week I may be showing some things that I didn't necessarily make on the particular day that I am blogging. As with usual "cheat" days, it will be something that I has not been seen on the blog.

So today's piece was made a few weeks ago. I took this piece to the piazza as well. This was the start of me making "chunky" jewelry, and I would dare to say that this is the chunkiest of them all..lol! This piece wasn't actually "found" or "broken" jewelry, but purchased pieces with my vision in mind. The stones are serpentine and the chains are bronze and silver plated!

I don't know much about Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex in the City"...I wasn't really a fan of the show. However, from some of her outfits, I think that this would be a great addition to her collection. So...eat your heart out Carrie!!!!!

Pearls of Wisdom:
Just because something is old doesn't mean that it lacks value. There is beauty in the old as well as the new. Let's look and find the greatness in both!

Be blessed!

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