Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 3 - Making It By The Wire!'s day 3 and one would have thought that I would have written an entry by this hour. Instead of it being 11pm, it's almost midnight. I have an early am tomorrow, but need to make sure that I keep up with this creative motion this go round.

Today I actually managed to finish a piece. That's cheating going on today. It was a rather busy morning filled with fellowship with my church family. Shout out to Tammy & flyer buddies! We (along with several other folks) handed out flyers for a community outreach program that will be taking place on Memorial Day weekend. It's one thing to have, but it is a blessing to also be able to have in abundance in order to bless others.

After walking quite vigoriously, I was pooped and took the afternoon and much of the evening to take a rest. As the night fell, I ended up trying my hardest to not look so much on ebay for this lot of broken jewelry, but it was calling my name. Anywho, while talking to a wonderful friend, I managed to get the majority of the necklace below done.

My beautiful Mum modeling today's piece for me!

So....that ends my brief description of today's creative journey. I look forward to updating you ladies and gents manana!

Pearls of Wisdom:
Our life is not our GOD we belong, and we should desire to give ourselves to HIM!

Be Blessed!

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